Body of Deceit 2017 Movie Trailer Video Download

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Body of Deceit 2017 Movie Trailer Download Hollwood Movie Trailer

Movie: Body of Deceit

Actors: Kristanna Loken, Antonio Cupo, Sarai Givaty

Realease on: 2017

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Alice (Kristanna Loken) is a ghostwriter for a famous bestselling author. She is half through the work of the his new book, but cannot write anymore. A year before she has had a terrible accident in Malta where she was staying with her husband Max (Antonio Cupo) in his family villa and she was in a coma for two weeks. On waking up she had lost part of her memory and has no recollection of the accident and her stay in Malta. Since then, she has been suffering from depression and has recurrent and cryptic nightmares.

Director: Alessandro Capone
Writers: Luca D’Alisera, Jenny York
Genres: Mystery | Romance | Thriller
Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language, some drug use and violence
Language: English