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Hollwood Movie

Traffik 2018 Movie Trailer Download Hollwood Movie Trailer

Movie: Traffik

Actors: Paula Patton, William Fichtner and Missi Pyle

Realease on: 27 April 2018

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Investigative journalist Brea Stephens goes on what is supposed to be a romantic getaway to a cabin in the woods with her boyfriend, John Wilson, but after a chance encounter with a suspicious gang at a secluded truck stop, they find themselves unknowingly in possession of a phone containing proof of the gang’s sex trafficking exploits. Caught in the crosshairs of the relentless crew, Brea and John are left with one mission: survival.

Director: Deon Taylor
Screenplay: Deon Taylor
Producers: Paula Patton, Deon Taylor, Roxanne Avent