Gene Therapy Explained (Isha Bhatia Sanan) Video HD

Gene Therapy Explained (Isha Bhatia Sanan)

Song : Gene Therapy Explained

Singer : Isha Bhatia Sanan

Category : Health

Publish on : July 4th, 2021

Gene Therapy Explained (Isha Bhatia Sanan)

Sehat Talk with Isha Bhatia Sanan: Gene Therapy Explained? 

फिल्म The Sky is Pink में आइशा को एक ऐसी बीमारी होती है जिसके लिए उसे Bone Marrow की जरूरत होती है. मां का किरदार निभाने वाली Priyanka Chopra फिल्म में पूरे घर को disinfect करती दिखती हैं. ऐसी अनोखी बीमारी वाले बच्चों की जान Gene Therapy के जरिए बचाई जा सकती है. लेकिन इलाज का ये तरीका बेहद महंगा है. एक इंजेक्शन की कीमत 18.5 करोड़ तक जा सकती है.

Script & Concept: Isha Bhatia Sanan
Camera: Gianni Di Biase
Editing: Anand Desai, Gianni Di Biase

In this video:

00:02 Five-month-old baby becomes first to receive world’s most expensive drug on the NHS.
00:23 World’s most expensive injection worth 1.8 million pounds.
00:47 Gene Therapy Explained
00:56 What is spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)?
01:30 What is Zolgensma?
02:20 How common is spinal muscular atrophy in new born babies?
02:46 How does gene therapy work?
03:15 What happens when babies are born without immune system?
04:24 How do doctors recognise gene defect in new born babies?
05:36 What is SCID or severe combined immunodeficiency?
05:42 The case of Bubble Baby Disease
06:28 Gene Therapy vs Bone Marrow Replacement
07:59 Thanks for 30 million views on YT!

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