Understanding Your Hormones (Isha Bhatia Sanan) Video HD

Understanding Your Hormones (Isha Bhatia Sanan)

Song : Understanding Hormones

Singer : Isha Bhatia Sanan

Category : Health

Publish on : July 5th, 2021

Understanding Your Hormones (Isha Bhatia Sanan)

Sehat Talk with Isha Bhatia Sanan: Understanding Your Hormones

प्यार होने पर पेट में गुदगुदी क्यों होती है? नींदें क्यों उड़ जाती हैं? भूख लगनी क्यों बंद हो जाती है? और दिल टूटने पर सब कुछ बुरा ही क्यों लगता है. इस सबका एक ही जवाब है.. हॉर्मोन. जानिए, हमारे शरीर में कौनसा हॉर्मोन क्या करता है.

Script & Concept: Isha Bhatia Sanan
Camera: Gianni Di Biase
Editing: Anand Desai, Gianni Di Biase

In this video:

0:02 Why do we feel butterflies when we are in love?
0:56 Which hormones are secreted when we fall in love?
01:10 What is the role of oxytocin in our body?
01:25 What happens when oxytocin and dopamine levels drop?
01:42 What is the reason of road rage?
01:54: What do we cry while watching an emotional movie?
02:12 What is adrenaline rush?
02:40 Why do some people enjoy adventrure sports?
03:03 What happens when adrenaline levels increase?
03:20 Which hormone is responsible for increasing our height?
03:40 Which glands release hormones?
03:50 What is the role of the pituitary gland?

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