Virginity repair surgeries debunked? Video HD

Virginity repair surgeries debunked?

Song : Virginity repair surgeries debunked?

Singer : Isha Bhatia Sanan

Category : Health

Publish on : July 4th, 2021

Virginity repair surgeries debunked?

Sehat Talk with Isha Bhatia Sanan: Virginity repair surgeries debunked.

भारत में 25 से 30 साल की लड़कियां बड़ी संख्या में “हाइमन रिपेयर सर्जरी” करा रही हैं ताकि फिर से “वर्जिन” कहला सकें. देश में नाक और होंठ की सर्जरी के बाद यही प्लास्टिक सर्जरी सबसे ज्यादा कराई जा रही है. लेकिन क्या हाइमन को वाकई रिपेयर किया जा सकता है?

In this video:
00:20 Myths about virginty
00:55 In real life you never loose your hymen
01:14 What is hymen and where is it located?
01:28 Different types of hymen
01:54 Does hymen break when you have sex for the first time?
02:15 What is hymen repair surgery and how much does it cost?
03:28 Why do girls bleed when they have sex for the first time?
04:00 How and when does the hymen break?
04:20 Hymen repair surgeries are getting popular in India

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