Why do women’s underwear get white stains? Video HD

Why do women’s underwear get white stains?

Song : Why do women's underwear get white stains?

Singer : Isha Bhatia Sanan

Category : Health

Publish on : July 4th, 2021

Why do women’s underwear get white stains?

Sehat Talk with Isha Bhatia Sanan: Why do women’s underwear get white stains?

महिलाएं अकसर अपने अंडरवेयर सुखाने के लिए रस्सी पर डालती हैं, तो उसके ऊपर एक तौलिया भी रख देती हैं ताकि किसी की नजर उस पर ना पड़े. इसकी एक बड़ी वजह यह होती है कि अंडरवेयर का बीच का हिस्सा सफेद हो चुका होता है और इससे उन्हें शर्मिंदगी महसूस होती है. लेकिन इस हिस्से का रंग उड़ जाने की वजह आखिर है क्या?

Script & Concept: Isha Bhatia Sanan
Camera: Gianni Di Biase
Editing: Anand Desai, Gianni Di Biase

In this video:

00:38 Message from Earth on NASA’s Pinoeer 10 in 1972
01:32 What is the difference between vagina and vulva?
01:46 How does the vagina look like?
01:54 Where is the vaginal opening?
01:58 Where is the urethral opening?
02:12 Why is the vagina always warm and moist?
02:28 Do I need to clean my vagina with a soap?
02:43 Are vagina cleansing products worth the hype?
03:00 TikTok video gone viral about bleach stained underwears
03:48 Why do women’s underwears get white stains?
04:00 What is the pH value of the vagina?
04:28 Do vagina cleansing products increase acidity in vagina?
05:00 What is the purpose of pubic hair?

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