BIN BULAY Dino James Video HD

BIN BULAY Dino James


Singer : Dino James

Music : Dino James

Lyrics : Dino James

Category : Hindi

Publish on : November 27th, 2021

BIN BULAY Dino James

Artist: Dino James @dinojms
Produced By: Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel) @bluishmusicofficial
Mix & Master: Shadab Rayeen @shadabrayeen
Management: Shark & Ink (Arjun Shah, Jinit Savla) @arjun5hah @jinitsavla @sharkandink

Video Credits:
Directed By: Himanshu Nisha Tyagi @himtyg
Direction of Photography: Arjun Sorte @arjunsorte
Production house: Ideawala (Sandeep Raj Shaandilya) @ideawala_production @Shaandilya
Post Prod. studio: Giant Wheel Motion Pictures (Himanshu Nisha Tyagi) @giantwheelmotionpictures
Colorist: Harsh Dandotiya
Assist. Directors: Nitin Singh & Vinayak Singh
Second AD: Lithin Matthew
Assist. Cam: Chetan
Focus Puller: Arvind
Production Manager: Lalit Rathod
Assistant Production Manager: Ratnesh Ojha
Make-up: Madhav Mahapankar
Casting : Aashish Yadav
Head Spot: Vinod Misra
Food: Radha Rasoi
Camera Vendor: video plus
Lights & Grips: The max light & grips

The track ‘Bin Bulaye’ is Dino taking his stance in Indian HipHop. Dino’s nonchalant presence in hiphop ends with this track as his pure independent talent has now received mainstream attention. The song’s intention is not to put any artist down but showcasing that he can handle anything coming his way. Bin Bulaye leaves an imprint of Dino’s capabilities of mixing hiphop & breaking stereotypical narratives of rappers with purposeful records.

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