Call Him Eddy (2020) Short Film Video HD

Call Him Eddy (2020) Short Film

Singer : Sanjay Suri, Eisha Chopra

Category : Short Films

Publish on : August 31st, 2020

Call Him Eddy (2020) Short Film

Call Him Eddy (2020) Short Film Featuring Sanjay Suri & Eisha Chopra

Written by – Sanjeev Vig , Nikhil Joshi
Produced by – Pooja Jain, Savera Films
Directed by – Sanjeev Vig
Starring – Sanjay Suri, Eisha Chopra
Associate Producer – Meenakshi Pandey
Music by – Aditya Dev
Lyrics by – Manoj Muntashir
Singer – Arko
Composer – Aditya Dev
Lyrics – Manoj Muntashir
Music Production mix & master – Aditya Dev
DOP – Akshay Singh
Art – Nilesh Wagh
Editor – Rahul Pariyar
Visual promotions – Bunty Negi
Background Score –
Tuhin Chongder – Somraj Ganguli
Recording studio – Forest Studios

Every comedian has grown from a dark valley in his/her life. Similarly, a professional cuddler goes through a lot of emotional void in life which helps him to understand other person’s needs. In India, it is still not a profession nor it is legal but there are places in the world where cuddling helps a lot of people and is considered to be a stress buster/therapy. Cuddling is an emotion.

‘Call him Eddy’ is about a professional cuddler in India. Riya, a producer/documentary filmmaker, visits Eddy as she hears about him from friends and people around her. Riya thinks he’s a scam and it’s just another way of making quick money. The film revolves around these two characters.

Will Riya’s perception change? Or was she right about him? Watch the movie to find out.