Thread A Tangled Tale 2020 A Short Film Video HD

Thread A Tangled Tale 2020 A Short Film

Singer : Raghav Diwan, Swati Semwal

Category : Short Films

Publish on : May 18th, 2020

Thread A Tangled Tale 2020 A Short Film

Thread A Tangled Tale 2020 A Short Film Online Video HD

#ThreadATangledTale #AShortFilm

Raghav and Swati, two best friends, are on completely different pages about their relationship. Raghav plans to propose her and invites her to his home. Swati is aware of her best friends intentions. She is rehearsing ways to say ‘no’ and trying her best to erase every beautiful memory she once shared with him. What sounds like a cliche friendzone scene, takes a turn when they finally meet. What happens next?

Nanji Bhanushali & Chaistories Presents In Association With Madboxx Media Studio LLP And Social Ketchup
Starring: Raghav Diwan & Swati Semwal
DOP & Colorist: Gourav Roy
Executive Producer: Jigar Gori
Casting By: Akash Jayant
Assistant DOP Shubham Kaushik
Editor: Prithviraj Das Gupta & Shubham Kaushik
Music: Veer Pandya
Graphic: Sadaf Abdullah & Nandini Agarwal
Asst.Director: Jyoti Harlalka
Make Up: Dipika Jeram
Supporting Cast: Kritika Chugh And Shubham Kaushik
Co-Produced By: Devesh Gautam, Vivek Bhadra, Shubham Dubey, Anmol Patel, Shivam Chouhan & Minhaj Abdullah
Produced By: Nanji Bhanushali, Akash Shrivastava & Raghav Diwan
Supported By: Vipul Chaudhary Productions, Spinning World & Black Eye Entertainment
Special Thanks Ankita Bhadra, Charika Thouker, Pragati Seth, Sakshi Choudhary, Nishant Shrivastava, Sandeep Singh & Aparnaa Vaidyaa